Friday, June 15, 2007

This week is my Heartbreak Hill

heartbreak hill
I'm slogging through the Heartbreak Hill of a two-year PTA marathon. Next week, I get to pass the baton to two wonderful new PTA presidents. Our school is so lucky to be getting the benefit of this pair of extremely capable, dynamic, young, enthusiastic, hard-working, visionary, lifetime volunteers who really enjoy working with each other.

It's such a relief just to have the end in sight. Having such fantastic people ready to take the job on makes the hand-off even easier. We've already had a few transition meetings. There are plans to restructure, re-brand, and repopulate the parent volunteer system. Many improvement are in the works.

This last month has been outrageously hectic. Yesterday alone, I brought 5 mini-van-fulls of supplies from various warehouse stores, supermarkets, and restaurant supply stores to the school. Well, the van was only partially full of the supplies, as the 5 kids and I took up the spare space.

These photos are from just one of the five of yesterday's mini-van-fulls of supplies. This was the Costco trip for barbecue supplies for two school-wide events. The kids had hot-dog rolls and burger buns between them and in their laps. There were #10 cans of ketchup under their feet:

Abigail and Emily in their Color War (Maccabia) t-shirts

Wednesday was Senior Recognition Night. Today was our color war (maccabia) with barbecue. Graduation is Sunday. Wednesday is a whole-school celebration.

The finish line is in sight! Woo hoo!

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