Friday, May 25, 2007

GTDmobile 2.0: The Whiplash Edition

Shortly after uploading a heavily annotated description of my GTDmobile on Flickr a few months ago, a falling fire extinguisher hit me in the face, resulting in "whiplash."

This put me in bed for a week. I made a number of modifications to the GTDmobile to make it more comfortable to work from bed for long stretches.

I'm all better now, (thanks for asking), but the GTDmobile improvements remain.

Here's what I changed:

I moved the tickler file to a basket that hangs off the side of the cart. This allows more hand-room for using the laptop directly from the cart.

GTDmobile tickler basket hanging on side of the GTD cart

I added labels for the pockets of supplies. When I was stuck in bed, I had to rely on help from other people. I know where *I* put the stapler. If I want other people to be able to find it, or to be able to put it away where I can find it later, then the pockets need clear labels.

GTDmobile with labels on the pockets

I added a shower curtain ring to hold a headset for the telephone. If you know anyone with a neck injury who doesn't have one of these, order one for him immediately! This was a lifesaver. I still use this all the time, now that my neck has healed.

I bought this "old-school" model, for under $10 (shipped free via Amazon Prime)

GTDmobile with telephone headset hanging by a shower curtain ring

I added a carabiner to hold a plastic grocery bag, to hold trash. Eliminating the extra reach to the garbage can was a welcome improvement.

GTDmobile trash bag held by carabiner and a clothespin

bookdarts hanging from the GTDmobile by a retractable badge holder

I added a bag of bookdarts, attached to the cart by a retractable badge-holder. After a week, my bed looked more like a library table than a place for sleeping. I love bookdarts! They don't fall out of the page, they don't mark the page, and they point to a specific line of text.

I bought them in bulk, because I like to use them liberally and leave them in the books. (I keep a similar bag of these inside a kitchen cabinet, for marking frequently used recipe pages in cookbooks.)

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Chip Overclock said...

My late mother was an inventive sort, a talent I like to think I inherited. Late in her life Mrs. Overclock modified her walker with a bag on the front divided into sections for writing implements, note pads, crossword puzzle dictionary, etc. It was like taking your briefcase with you wherever you went. Pretty clever.

I think there's an emerging market for something just like your GTDmobile for those of us headed for the small spaces of the local rest home, but unwilling and unable to give up our compulsive note taking, researching, reading, blogging, and whatnot.

Also her generation will be the last to find a retirement home without broadband wireless internet acceptable. There's a huge market just on the horizon for baby boomers who need big screens with large fonts, mice with big buttons, and blogs on the topic of "Dealing with arthritis in the software development environment".

The GTDmobile could be one step on the way to enabling easy web surfing for many retirees.

No, really.

Juggling Frogs said...

Thank you, Chip. It sure helped when I was stuck in bed.

Being on the Xer-Boomer cusp, I benefit from the Boomers paving a road of convenience before I reach each new milestone!

All the best,

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