Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Butterflies are (almost) free...

  • This morning we kept 6 kids, aged 3-15, happily occupied for hours, with minimal clean-up, snack included, for about $3.

    To make a butterfly:

    1. Place two pretzels on a wax-coated paper plate, touching at the single round part, with the double parts facing outward to make the wings.

    2. Dip raisins and nuts in melted chocolate chips and place them in a symmetrical pattern on the wings.

    3. With a spoon, drizzle a bit of chocolate across the middle to make the body and head, forming antennae (not too thin) on the plate.

    4. Allow the chocolate to harden at room temperature for half an hour (or refrigerate if in a hurry) and gently remove the completed butterflies from the plates.

    For our crowd this morning we spent:

    25 cents' worth of pretzels (bought in bulk for the school lunches) + $1.69 for a bag of chocolate chips, $1 for a disposable tablecloth (cheaper than therapy and strongly recommended), a dozen wax-coated paper plates, and handfuls of edibles from the back of the pantry.

    Tips for doing this with a crowd:

    • For the edibles, we used the remainders of jars of sprinkles, raisins, blueberries, peanut butter, the bottom of the bag of sliced almonds, etc. Small amounts, like a quarter cup, are fine. Butterflies are detailed work, so the don't use very much of anything.

    • Melt the chips in a glass container in the microwave, heating at half power for 1-2 minutes. Stir and let it cool a bit to prevent burns.

    • Give each child a wax coated paper plate, and write the child's name on it.

    • Stand back and let them go nuts. This will keep all ages entertained and occupied for hours. (Periodic reheating of the chocolate may be necessary.)

    • The chocolate will harden at room temperature. Make them wait a couple of hours to eat their creations as an afternoon snack, as it builds excitement. There will, of course, be some grazing at the table. Gently admonish the noshers and make them wash their hands if they eat the ingredients. This keeps the supplies available, prevents stomache aches and spoiled nutrition, and lets the result become the afternoon snack.

    • Guard the cooling butterflies well. Don't forget that three year olds know how to move chairs to reach the counters!

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Batya said...

gorgeous post
Must try it with my granddaughters, but where's kcc?

Ayelet said...

That is one cute 3-year-old butterfly catcher!

SAHMmy Says said...

What a clever idea! I may have to make these for my baby's upcoming first birthday party!--I'm not brave enough to let my three-year-old go at it, even with a disposable tablecloth!

mother in israel said...


penguinsandladybugs said...

This is a great idea...thanks!!

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