Thursday, August 23, 2007

Use the bathroom mirror as a dry-erase board

I've mentioned before about how we keep track of medications when the whole family gets sick, (that post has a downloadable chart to post on the inside of the medicine cabinet door). Using that chart is a lifesaver when there are many people involved, or when the flu settles in for a week.

For one child with a head cold, however, it may be overkill. For short-term, one-child medication tracking (or for scribbling down profound revelations that occur during a shower or toothbrushing time), a dry-ease marker turns the bathroom mirror into a white board.

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Anonymous said...

great idea! thanks!

Orthonomics said...

I thought my mother was the only one who did this!

Anonymous said...

Found you via Stumble. I love this idea, much better than lipstick! I have five as well and will definately be back!

Anonymous said...

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