Thursday, September 6, 2007

Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot, and Shmini Atzeret 5768/2007 Meal Planners (free downloads)

photo of the Rosh Hashanah planner in use, pasted into a Moleskine notebook
Per request, here are my meal planners for your (free) downloading pleasure:

This is what I've printed and pasted into my planner/notebook (using 2/page to get it to fit).

Print it full size and put it on your refrigerator (or tape it inside a cabinet, if you want more privacy). If it is printed 2/page, it can fit in a classic-size Franklin Planner, with the paper cut in half.

As (I hope) you can see in the photo, I've highlighted the "one company meal between sleeps", and put "family only" in the guest box for the other meals.

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Anonymous said...

As a constant lurker, I just wanted to thank you for these downloads, they are amazing! Do you have a PDF for a regular Shabbos?
btw, I taught limudei kodesh in the high school 1997-99 and we davened at young Israel

Batya said...

You're amazing.
I cooked extra chicken when I cooked for Shabbat, and it's in the freezer, some beef and a meatloaf, too.
Side dishes are the tough things. I love lots of vegetables, but they don't keep all that well for three days.

Jack Steiner said...

Ok, thanks for making me aware of just how little planning I do. ;) These are pretty cool.

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