Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Rose Colored Glasses: Pink is in the eye of the beholder

Just before putting on her play sunglasses, Gretta said, "Look out, Mommy! You're gonna be all pink!"

Would that perspective were as easy to manage and share as a pair of sunglasses.

A friend called to vent this morning, about an interaction with a mutual friend that kept her up all night, agitating about her responses and replies. I know and care about both parties involved.

Both women are caring, loving, sensitive people. Both mean well. They are friends, and only want the best for one another.

The problem is they both know what's best for the other person. They just disagree about what that is. As a result, each feels the other disapproves of her life choices. And they're both right about that.

Yet the criticism they each sense comes from love and friendship.

It's as though one is wearing green sunglasses and the other blue. They're both looking at the same garden, yet can't understand why the other person continues to insist on describing the flowers by the wrong color.

If only they could switch glasses for just a moment, they'd understand.

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Jacob Da Jew said...

Very cute photo!

Wow, that statement is profound.

Thank you for that thought.

Jack Steiner said...

That is so very true.

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