Sunday, September 2, 2007

Chilly Havdallah inspiration - L'chaim!

My sister and I recently had a telephone conversation about ice cube trays, which was very similar to this excellent post and its comments about using ice cube trays at Wise Bread. (Her husband's spice garden runneth over.)

One of the commenters on that post mentioned saving leftover wine in ice cube trays for later use in recipes, and I thought, "Aha! An ice cube's worth of wine is just about the right amount for Havdallah!"

For those weeks when we are guests for the meals, or have finished the bottle of wine during Shabbat and don't want to uncork another bottle just for Havdallah, this could be just the trick!

In anticipation, the tiny havdallah cup with the wine-cube could be put in the refrigerator on Friday afternoon. (Consult your local halachic authority about the permissibility/technical details of melting it on Shabbat.)

I look forward to having the opportunity of trying this during the approaching holidays and their many kiddush opportunities.


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