Wednesday, May 16, 2007

(Free) Daily Label Templates - an Experiment and a Request

I was asked for a copy of some of my planner label templates.

I'm experimenting with different methods of hosting the files. I've put the first one, the Daily Label, available here:

Daily Label Template (pdf) (standard version)

Daily Label Template (pdf) (carpool version)

This file is meant to be printed on a sheet of standard 30-up (Avery 5160compatible) address labels.

The request is for feedback. I tested this on three printers, and it worked well on all of them. (HP 2550 color laserjet, HP 1500 color laserjet, HP 1200 laserjet) Unfortunately, all the printers available to me were similar. If you encounter any printing idiosyncrasies, please let me know.

Please note: I'm experimenting with different document hosting configurations. I plan to keep this post pointing to the correct file. If you wish to bookmark the file, please bookmark this post as a pointer to it, instead, because the file might move to a different host.

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