Thursday, May 31, 2007

What to do with your pent up advice

Yesterday I mentioned my plan to avoid giving unsolicited advice to my sister and her family.

But, what should you do when do when the urge to share your copious spare wisdom with the world threaten to explode?

Enter my newest secret vice: Yahoo Answers. This nifty forum allows you to boss strangers around with impunity. They ask for it. Or you can.

Extra bonus: You get to feel brilliant by giving school kids the answers to their math homework. Who said cheaters never prosper?

If your idea of fun involves a posture with one hand on hip, another with finger raised, let your Pontification Monster run free... Save your family relationships from Seemingly Helpful Unsolicited Suggestion Hazards (SHUSH) by casting your pearls before the crowd at Yahoo Answers instead.

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