Friday, May 18, 2007

[Virtual Challah Lesson] Shaping Braids

Shaping Braids
Squeeze the dough into a very long rope of even thickness.

Lay the two ropes over one another as in overlappling/nested "v" shapes.

Cross the inner two legs, then cross each pair of the outer two legs. Repeat this until braid is completed.

There are four "legs" in this picture. Take each of the outside legs and cross it either over or under the inside leg closest to it. (Crossing over it is lower than the inside leg, under if it is higher than the inside leg.)

At this point, you will again have four legs. Repeat the same instruction above, with the new four legs.

Continue this way until you have run out of "leg room". (Pun unintentional!)

I find braiding this way, with four legs, as opposed to the more standard three legs, much easier to do, as it is symmetrical.

Tuck in the ends of the braid

Cover in plastic wrap and set aside in warm place to rise

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Anonymous said...

so easy, and so beautiful! Thank yo for the most simple and understandable insructions!

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