Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Outfit organizing labels

In order to get our clothes organized both for back-to-school and for the upcoming Jewish holiday season, today's project was to make outfit organizing labels.

These labels wrap around a couple of hangers (that hold the outfit - top, skirt, etc.) to reserve the clothing for future use. Doing this while it's still Summer will help us inventory what we have, and make lists to acquire what we don't. At least that's the plan.

How to make the labels:

  1. Download the desired label files and print a copy on card-stock for each child:
    The weekday labels have either Sunday through Shabbat, or Sunday through Saturday. I uploaded two versions of each of the label files: one with very thin outline fonts (for kids who want to color the words, using the outline as a guide) and the other with the fonts filled in (to be used either as is, or with the background colored in.)

  2. Have the child(ren) color the page.

  3. Cut out each label on the dark lines.

  4. "Laminate" each label with packing tape. (If using laminating sheets, laminate and then cut. If using packing tape, cut and then "laminate".)

  5. Punch a hole in the laminated label.

  6. Bend a pipe cleaner (a.k.a. "chenille stem") or twist-tie in half. Thread it through the hole in the laminated label, with the bend at the hole, facing the larger part of the label. Twist it a few times at the outer edge of the label to secure.

  7. To use, take the two loose pipe cleaner ends and gently twist around the hangers that make up a day's outfit.

We also made a bucket to hold the labels, by punching a couple of holes in a yogurt container, covering it with duct tape (for aesthetics only - we could have painted it, but were short on time today) and making a handle out of two pipe cleaners. (It's helpful to have these in a contrasting color from those used in the labels.)

This bucket can hang on the end of the closet pole, or from a hanger.

I don't know if all this will work, but the girls were excited to make the labels. It gave us a full morning project, because they were very intent on decorating the labels.

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Blog Bloke said...

Wow, that's a lot of organizing! You really are a juggler aren't you :)

It was so good to see you back commenting again. I've missed you.



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