Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm unreasonably happy about my refrigerator today

Our refrigerator is our Mission Control Center. Not only does it feed us, its three outward-facing walls are where we keep our Mailroom, our Reference Binder and various other mission-critical tools.

Over the years it has acquired a few nicks and scratches, which have become rusted. (Hmmm, I wonder why they're all about 3½ feet tall?) Thank G-d, our life is so good that I enjoyed the luxury of being annoyed by this.

But today, thanks to this spiffy new toy by Wall-pops that problem has been solved. (Warning: site has music that starts automatically, but it can be turned off. I didn't see the dry-erase board at that site, or any place that I'm familiar with for ordering on-line. The company makes many purely decorative, non-dry-ease wall stickers in many colors, but the package stated that the dry-erase board comes only in white. I think the dry-ease/whiteboard product is new, so it hasn't shown up on Amazon yet...)

It's a soft, vinyl dry-erase surface, about as thick as a poster board, with removable, re-stickable, re-usable, non-wall-harming adhesive on the back, in a pure white color.

It can be trimmed to any size or shape easily with a scissors. (In fact, I saved some trimmings to play with for crafts: dollhouse sized whiteboards, die cutting shapes, etc. ) I bought mine at our local craft store for about $16 each. (Update: According to a commenter, they're available at Amazing Savings for much less! I wish we had an Amazing Savings here. I'd wallpaper the girls' room with this stuff! See the comments on this post for the details.)

Refrigerator as a whiteboard/dry erase board

(I had to work to get an angle where they showed up, and I adjusted the contrast on the photo to help make the dry-erase surface visible. In real life, the surface is almost exactly the color of the refrigerator. The frog was quickly drawn using the template & method from the Team Tshirts post.)

I had been using a couple of these removable (and restick-able) for about a month, elsewhere in the house. (Inside a kitchen cabinet, on the wall near my bed, in our mudroom. I'm tempted to put one on the shower wall!) They really work! The adhesive really sticks, really comes off (without harming my walls), really sticks again in thelocation. The only trick is to be careful not to erase past the edges of the dry next-erase surface, or the walls will get dirty.

I have had one of these on the top part of the refrigerator (trimmed to fit, with the leftovers used elsewhere as a mini-whiteboard! Woot!!!) but only today realized I could add a lower one for the kids to use, at kid-height, that would cover the rust stains.

It's particularly nice to have a whiteboard on the refrigerator door that won't fall off when the fridge door is slammed. It also takes up no physical or visual space.

I can't believe how (totally out of proportion) happy this makes me!

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Jendeis said...

Ooh, I like the new whiteboards. I'm glad that you put a family photo (I'm guessing) in your home binder too (it breaks up the whiteness of the fridge.

Do you have any problems having the binder open because you are using space for the whiteboards?

Anonymous said...

Do you have an amazing savings in your area? The sheets were on sale there for a large pack of 25 for - I kid you not - 3 dollars!! I bought them for my classroom, but this is great!

Juggling Frogs said...


The wall-pops are very thin sheets of vinyl, so they don't interfere with the magnets.

The binder is open most of the time, to show our calendar, with our most-frequently dialed phone numbers on the inner lid.

I cut it to allow for the Reference Binder, because I didn't want to waste any wall-pop real estate under the binder (and because I...
{strike} am a bit obsessive{/strike}...
{strike}am suffering from perfectionist tendencies{/strike}...
{strike}am certifiable control freak{/strike}...
...prefer not to have the edges of the dry-ease surface overlap with the edges of the Reference Binder.

When we had a repairman working at the house a few weeks ago, I made a list for him on the fridge whiteboard. He saw it, and said, "Wow, that's clever, just writing directly on the fridge surface!"

He couldn't tell (until I showed him) that the wall-pop was there!

For a basement refrigerator or freezer (or any large metal appliance with an enameled finish), I'd probably take his idea and use the surface directly, like I did with the mirror in our bathroom.

For the kitchen, though, I don't want to scratch or stain the surface.

It's a cute idea, though, for dorm rooms, offices etc.

Juggling Frogs said...


That is amazing! I'm going to update the post with that information.

Thank you!

Unknown said...

I really appreciate this post- even not for kids- because white boards are sooooo expensive- to be able to get a pack of dry-erase material that can go on any wall for so inexpensive...


Jill said...

it looks great!

thanks for visiting my blog.. i have bookmarked yours...

Anonymous said...

What was the craft store that you bought these sheets at, and what were they called? I can't seem to find anything online...

Thank you so much!

Juggling Frogs said...


Thanks for stopping by. I keep finding new places that *need* whiteboards.


Thank you!


I bought them at "A.C. Moore" in Framingham, MA, last year.

I've seen them available at amazon, too.

Anonymous said...

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