Thursday, June 28, 2007

Multiple shampoo dispensers

This is something I arranged when we moved to this house, over seven years ago. It's one of the
systems that guests frequently comment about, so I thought it might be worth sharing.

Throughout the house, in the bathtubs/showers and above every sink in the house, we installed liquid soap dispensers.

For the main bathroom that is shared by adults and children, I put two sets: one at adult height, and the other at a height that can be reached by a child from the bathtub. The adult-height set holds my (more expensive, not tear-free) shampoo, conditioner, and some baby shampoo. The tub-level set holds the kids' shampoo, conditioner and soap.

The baby shampoo in the adult-height dispenser allows an adult to reach it to shampoo a child's head, without having to bend over too far.

Advantages of liquid shampoo/soap dispensers:

  1. No mildew-collecting bottles to clean
  2. No collection of bottles to wade through in the shower
  3. Can see how much soap/shampoo is left at a glance
  4. Can dilute the soap/shampoo in the beginning of usage, allowing for the use of every drop of soap, without a week of shampoo-water at the end of a bottle
  5. Can buy in bulk, gallon containers of shampoo. Gallon containers are too heavy to put in the shower.
  6. Uses less
  7. One hand dispensing
  8. Since the dispenser is mounted on the wall, can reliably reach for the shampoo with closed eyes
  9. (Not for the shower, but at the sinks:) Can use liquid soap on Shabbat
  10. Can refill all the hand soap containers in the house pouring quickly from a bulk container, in a couple of minutes. (Easy to "top off" partially full dispensers)

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