Sunday, June 3, 2007

Haveil Havalim #119 hits the presses...

I'm excited that Juggling Frogs has a submission in the latest Haveil Havalim #119, hosted by Soccer Dad.

If you're interested in a great collection of recent Jewish and Israeli blog posts, written by Jewish bloggers from, well, everywhere, check out Haveil Havalim #119, hosted by Soccer Dad.

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Soccer Dad said...

Yours was a wonderfully presented story, thanks for submitting, and I hope you'll participate in the future. (You really should contact the people at Beyond BT.)

Juggling Frogs said...

Thank you, soccer dad, for your kind words, and for running the Haveil Haveilim. I can't believe how much work must have gone into preparing that excellent list of links.

Thank you also for telling me about Beyond BT. I didn't know about it before you mentioned it here. It's now in my feed reader, and I've spent (way too) much time at that site already.

All the best,

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