Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A status report: Digging Out


It's Tuesday morning. I have been digging out from an activity blizzard, trying to find my life again.

Sunday was the last day of my "marathon" month of activities. Over the last three months, my calendar was a mountain climb that peaked Sunday. Anything that could wait, had to.

Sunday night, I planted my flag on the mountain peak and sighed.

Monday was filled with overdue personal errands and appointments. Like so much hiking gear, I spent yesterday packing my pickaxes and tent spikes.

This morning, Tuesday, I find myself in a cool green meadow. Thank G-d.

Already this morning, I've found my closet floor, the bottom of my inbox is in sight, the answering machine message indicator reads a blessed ZERO (it blinked >=33 all last week), the dishwashers are empty, and I have a plan to discover the surface of the dining room table.

Already this morning, my shoulders are unhunched, my brow unfurrowed, and I can exhale.

It's amazing how many simple 5-10 minute tasks built up, undone, clogging my mental corridors (and some of our house's actual hallways) over the past quarter. It's equally amazing, to me, how easy it has been to clear away the detritus of this over-busy month, and how liberated I feel.

Friday afternoon, the oven and washing machine were repaired. These mission-critical devices have saluted, and now stand at attention, having returned to service. My army is back to its full compliment. This moring, the house hummed with the happy sound of busy appliances.

Disorder drains me. There really wasn't time this past month to hang that laundry basket full of clothes, or file that basket of "benign" paperwork. Today, it feels SO GOOD to dig out, to put things away. It's not yet 7a.m. Tuesday morning, and I'm buzzing with the energy released by tackling these few critical clutter monsters. (This is what my closet jungle felt like.)

I've said "Behold it is good" many more than twice today!

I hope it's a great day for everyone reading this, too.

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