Thursday, August 28, 2008

Swimming with the snarks - housesitting for DovBear

DovBear asked a few suckers victims fellow bloggers to fill the gaping void while he's on vacation for a couple of weeks.

Here's my first guest post. (Please be gentle, it's my first time. Promise you'll respect me in the morning.)

UPDATE: Here's my second guest post, "Not such a happy Labor Day for Agriprocessors"

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Jack Steiner said...

Very cool.

Lion of Zion said...

i like reading you but i don't read dov bear. so please make sure to cross-post your posts here also (like rafi g. does on his own blog)

שבת שלום

TikunOlam said...

Hey JJ,
Just wanted to say hi and welcome to DovBear. Great first post. Hope to visit your site (now that I am familiar with it) and spend some time with less "snarky" people.

Batya said...

I trust you to keep to your standards.

ZM said...

You know, I liked the post. And I'm a little scared of the folks over on DovBear. Luckily, none of them seem to have followed his link to me - I'm definitely not able to snark on that level. Nor, I note, did you try.

Gracefully done!

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