Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It's here! Did you get yours?

The publication of Yaldah Magazine never passes without notice in our house.

Its arrival is accompanied by squeals of celebration. Then a bit of squabbling can be heard, followed by my daughters' voices in earnest negotiation.

Eventually, the blessed harmony of sibling compromise heralds the watchful peace of the Quiet Reading Period. During this time, a blanket of silence descends over our home. It is punctuated only by the periodic impatient queries of those waiting, and the militant bark of the vigilant Turn Enforcement Officers who have already had their turn.

"Yaldah" is Hebrew for "girl". This magazine was started four years ago by the brilliant, vivacious, and multi-talented (then) 13 year old daughter of a friend.

I initially subscribed in order to support Leah's efforts. I submitted my subscription order with the attitude of an adult buying lemonade from a child's lemonade stand. When the first issue arrived, I was stunned at the magazine's level of professionalism and the quality of content.

Whatever my expectations were, they were exceeded. I was blown away. Girls from around the world share their stories and connect. The magazine is full of crafts, recipes, quality articles, games, editorials, fiction, and quizzes, written by girls for girls (with occasional adult authors, interviewees, and writer of a monthly Q&A column.)

Yaldah Magazine Q&A column
I admit I get a kick out of seeing pictures and names of children we know between the pages (and often on the cover) of this international magazine. But, the magazine stands on its own. It manages to be engaging, topical, and relevant. It is kosher but not dogmatic. Even the ads are worth reading. It has the perfect balance of text and pictures, and overall length to keep my daughters hooked, without becoming overwhelmed.

Yaldah Magazine: Table of Contents, issue 13, Fall 2007/5768

Yaldah Magazine is written, edited, and published by Jewish girls. It was created to provide what the authors saw (and the many, many subscribers agree) was a gap in the publications available to observant Jewish girls. It is funky, fun, content-rich, kosher, and wonderful. It is "all that."
Yaldah Magazine article about jealousy
From the blurb on the inside cover:

YALDAH is published quarterly around September, December, March and June, and is dedicated t o supplying Jewish girls with good quality, kosher reading. YALDAH magazine celebrates Jewish girls and women, Jewish life and values, and creativity. YALDAH aims to connect Jewish girls and inspire them to embrace their Judaism with pride and become Jewish leaders of the future. YALDAH shows girls that using their talents and determination, they can make their dreams come true!

If you know of a Jewish girl old enough to read independently, a gift subscription to Yaldah Magazine would make her year. If she likes to write, then she may wish to contribute, or even join the Editorial Board of the magazine. (Applications are open from October 20, 2007 until December 20, 2007, for the annual opportunity for Jewish girls ages 8-15 to join the Editorial Board.)

Yaldah Magazine article about cliques

(This is a completely unsolicited and uncompensated endorsement/rave. It comes from my heart. Juggling Frogs does not participate in paid reviews.)

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Chavie said...

YALDAH is the BEST magazine EVER!!!

orieyenta said...

Very nice. I am sure Little Orieyenta will be thanking you when she gets her first issue.

G6 said...

Thanks for the tip.
On your "say so", I decided to order the back issue set,which I intend to dole out as incentives.
If my daughter likes it, I will then order a subscription, since even if I would order now, her first issue wouldn't be until next quarter.
It does look lovely.

Leah Larson said...

thank you for a wonderful review!

Miriam said...

dealing with cliques -now that would be an interesting article.

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