Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ayelet puts the pressure on!

Ayelet asks,

"If you're planning something cool in the food or decorating department for this week's parsha - I need to know about it ASAP. My shopping is 40 minutes away so I need to think in advance!"

Usually, I snap photos of dinner after it's made. It's Tuesday morning, and I already missed Ayelet's deadline - for Friday night dinner! Oy!

I guess the best I can do is to share my plans, without the picture, and then sneak the picture back into the post via an edit, a few days later when it becomes available. Otherwise, I guess I'm meeting next year's deadlines, instead of this year's.

So, for parshat Lech Lecha, my plan is to make a cake with sand and stars (for the two uncountable things G-d promised to Abram the number of his descendants would be), and the animals of the "brit bain habetarim", that sealed the covenant. (Hmmm. This makes me wonder about the tradition of not counting Jews directly, but rather indirectly, through items or phrases. I have always heard it explained by the census that was counted indirectly. I never noticed the connection before that G-d's population projection for us is similarly given as uncountable. )

I plan to make the sand out of ground graham crackers, or maybe brown sugar. The stars and the animals piped from frosting. Although, I do have a supply of star-shaped sprinkles. If time is short, I might cheat and use those.

I still have a couple of doves from last week's dessert (parshat Noah), so I might use one of them for the dove.

The animals are: 3 cows, 3 rams, 3 goats, pigeon, and a dove. In the parsha, Avram cuts the mammals in half, but I plan to serve them all whole.

My apologies to Ayelet, for not completing in time to beat the shopping trip, and to everyone else for posting plans, rather than results!

UPDATE: Here are a couple of pictures of the Lech Lecha cakes I made:

(I made two of (almost) the same cake: one for dinner and another for lunch. If you look carefully, you'll see that the smaller cake is on a foil-covered platter. Under that foil is the cover of the broken binder I used to make the car's "Ubiquitous Capture Tool" clipboard.)
Parshat hashavua cake for lech lecha

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the plans! If you give a "heads-up", then I can try to make up my own versions based on your ideas.

Love your blog!!

-Chana Raizel

Ayelet said...

Sure. So now I'm the jerk that's messing up the blog. (Well, in any case, thanks. Love the sand and stars plan.)

Juggling Frogs said...

Chana Raizel,

Thank you! I feel the need to issue disclaimers with the plans, as they often go awry!

I have visions of my dinner guests, disappointed that the 'advertised special' is not available!


LOL! To the contrary, you motivated me to get busy earlier! I'm sorry I missed your shopping deadline. (I have a couple of kids under the weather, so I'm not on-line as much this week...)

Making a blog post before shabbat adds to the challenge of having dinner ready by candle-lighting. But, your request means I need to have Friday's menu ready and blogged by Tuesday morning!!

If I can do that, I'll be home-free for most of the week. Alas, I fear that we may have to wait until NEXT year, when I'll have a backlog of what I made the previous year to share on time!

Nevertheless, I'm going to try to get the ideas posted early in the week, even if the photos are lagging. (I still like the photos, because they show what really can be done, rather than what I imagine would work...)

Thank you for the motivation!

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