Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Chocolate Torah scroll templates

Here are some templates I just used to make (quick! [15 minutes] cheap! [$1.50] easy! not messy! pareve!) edible Sifrei Torah (Torah scrolls) from melted chocolate chips, using the technique described in the previous post about chocolate letters and cups.

I used the big one on a sheet cake, and the smaller ones on miniature cupcakes.

(The instructions below are just a summary. For details, please see Adventures in Melted Chocolate.)Print the desired templates from the links above, tape printouts to cookie sheets, and tape (cut-to-size) sheet of wax paper over the picture.
Melt chocolate chips in microwave, fill (disposable) pastry bag with the melted chocolate, and trace the template shapes with it.

Chill, remove from wax paper, and enjoy!

In this picture, I'm holding the mini-cupcake. It was frosted in royal icing, which will harden slightly and help hold the chocolate Torahs in place until Thursday morning.

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