Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Free downloadable parsha and month index labels

I spent yesterday morning making these index labels for my own use, and then figured others might find them useful, too.

They are meant to be printed on standard (Avery-compatible 5160) 30-up mailing labels, and make an index of the months of the year and of the weekly Torah portions (parshat hashavua/parsha/parshiyiot).

If you don't have labels handy, you can cut them with a paper cutter, and tape them in place. It won't be as convenient as the labels, but you'll still save some time.

To use them, line up the word with the edge of the page, and fold the remainder over the other side of the page. The result will be an index tab.

I'm using them in books, printouts, file folders, and a card file.

They're not perfectly centered, but getting things lined up when the text direction is vertical is dicey. It took much tweaking to get them to print well. Let my spent morning save you some frustration!

Added bonus! This file works for me, but it may be fussy on other printers, as the margins are tight. It is meant to be printed on standard (Avery-compatible 5267) 80-up return address labels. It has the names of the parshiyiot in horizontal format, not for index tabs.

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Shelli said...

You are amazing. I *heart* you.

Thank you thank you thank you.

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