Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rabbi Dr. J. J. Schacter kinnot webcast from Yeshiva University

I just discovered that there is a (free) webcast of Rabbi Dr. J. J. Schacter learning for Tisha B'Av from YU this year.

(I'm such a 'fan' of Rabbi J. J. Schacter; I'd pay admission to hear him read the phonebook.)

I appreciated this so much three years ago, when rav.org webcast it. It made all the difference in my experience of Tisha B'Av, while staying home with small children, unable to go to a live reading of the kinnot.

(Here is the link to the .pdf file of the sources he uses: Rabbi Schacter Tisha B'Av 2007. It should be opened in a separate window from the webcast. And here is a related audio shuir _The Meaning_and_Significance_of_Tisha_B'Av:_From_Mourning_to_Consolation, also by Rabbi Dr. Schacter. And here is a link to all of his YU shiurim (lectures).)

For those observing Tisha B'Av: Have an easy and meaningful fast. May this year be our last.

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