Monday, July 16, 2007

Kosher Cooking Carnival #20 hits the presses, call for submissions to #21

Kosher Cooking Carnival #20 was published today
by Mother in Israel, and it looks wonderful!
(This incarnation comes with a special bonus: Sephardi Lady's long awaited recipe for Moroccan Chicken Stew.)
Kosher Cooking Carnival logo
The next edition, #21, will be the Holiday edition of the carnival, so please share your favorite Rosh Hashanah, pre-fast, break-the-fast, and Sukkot recipes and kosher food related articles with us! This is just a suggestion, of course; submissions do not need to be holiday related.

This is particularly exciting from me, because Juggling Frogs (this very blog) is scheduled to host it!

The deadline for Kosher Cooking Carnival #21 is Monday, August 20, 2007. Please submit your kosher recipes and food related articles directly through the blog carnival form (preferred), or you can e-mail to me directly at

This will be my first time hosting a carnival, so please shower me with suggestions!

Here is a list of the previous carnivals. Check them all out, they're full of great recipes and interesting articles.

To inspire you to send me your holiday recipes, I'm including the list of the previous Kosher Cooking Carnivals:

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mother in israel said...

I updated it to include you! Thanks for the link.

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