Friday, October 10, 2008

Do you know Rev. and Mrs. Myer Loketch? SEEKING your input for a tribute to them

[I know this is a bit off-topic for this blog, but I appreciate your bearing with me, as the deadline is quickly approaching, and we're trying to get a large and international response. - CLKL]

As you may know, Rev. Loketch has retired after 41 years as the Shamash of Young Israel of Brookline.

He and Mrs. Loketch have relocated to Detroit to be near their children. Rev. and Mrs. Loketch are spending the holidays in Detroit, but we hope they will return to Brookline afterwards so we can honor them appropriately for a lifetime of service to the community.

We are creating an album of our good wishes and special memories to present to them.

Please send us any photographs (copies, or originals if you want the Loketches to keep them), memories, good wishes (or even your children's drawings) that you would like to include in our album.

Please mail or email whatever you would like us to include, BY OCTOBER 26, 2008


Young Israel of Brookline
ATTN: Rev. and Mrs. Loketch Tribute
62 Green Street
Brookline, MA 02446

e-mail: Tribute *at* yibrookline *dot* org

You may FAX us at: (928)752-8458 (Note: This is NOT the synagogue's FAX number.)

We also have a Facebook group: Loketch Tribute

[I've posted some of the memories received electronically on the facebook group in the discussion section.]

The Loketches have touched so many lives, in so many ways. Everybody is invited to participate, so please feel free to forward this request to anyone you feel might wish to be involved.

Thank you for your participation in this demonstration of our gratitude to and deep affection for Rev. and Mrs. Loketch.

[This is an edited version of the letter sent from the] Tribute Committee (in formation)

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