Thursday, September 25, 2008

Carnival of Overdue Thanks: Second Edition, September 2008

Welcome to the second edition of
The Carnival of Overdue Thanks
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Gratitude has no expiration date.

Welcome to the September, 2008 edition of the Carnival of Overdue Thanks.

It's a relatively short edition, because the upcoming Jewish holidays are keeping many of us focused on non-blog related preparations.


Trent's Everything’s So Easy for Pauline: Thoughts on Luck, Fate, Money, and Life posted at The Simple Dollar, is overflowing with gratitude, grace, and perspective.

G6 expresses "mundane gratitude" in I'm Thankful for my Family posted at Guess Who's Coming To Dinner by letting go and supervising less. May she know many a "snowglobe shabbos" in the upcoming year.

Ruti's A Thank You, To Elie's Mom. posted at Ki Yachol Nuchal!.

Gretchen's A wedding anniversary -- a good opportunity for gratitude. posted at The Happiness Project turns a celebration into a gratitude milestone.

ProfK's On Sexual Abuse and Denial in the Community posted at Conversations in Klal at first might seem like a strange addition, but I think we all owe thanks to her family.


Donna Freedman presents Thanks, Dad, for useful life skills posted at Smart Spending, saying, "Thanks to the guy who taught how to make do, how to figure your way around a problem if you can't go through it, and, most of all, how not to give up."

Nicholas Powiull presents Conscious Flex: Life Changing Gratitude & Why it Works That Way: by Nicholas Powiull posted at Conscious Flex.

Kevin Brink presents The Lost Art of Saying Thank You posted at The Red Stapler Chronicles.


(There were a large number of submissions that were not included in this carnival because they were outright SPAM, had nothing to do with the topic of the carnival, or violated the carnival guidelines. If you submitted something and feel yours was omitted in error, please review the guidelines and let me know.)


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Gratitude has no expiration date.

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Leora said...

Thank you for this nice edition of Overdue Thanks.

mother in israel said...

Um, JF, he has an assistant who screens his email and hands him the copy to read! That's one way to be productive. Thanks for the carnival; I have a post brewing for the next one. Shanah tova.

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