Sunday, July 20, 2008

I believe our children are the future... (What energy crisis?)

How many times after chasing an active toddler, or watching a teenage boy absent-mindedly doing chin-ups on any available door frame, have we sighed, "If only all that energy could be used for Good..."

How long before this technology can be adapted from floor to mattress? Future generations of parents will insist that their kids continue to jump on their beds.

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Phyllis Sommer said...

lol - no kidding!

The Five + of Us said...

What about the power encapsulated in a sneeze? For years I have believed that if only some genius of physics and engineering could develop a tool to harvest the energy in a sneeze, we'd all be set forever, and the common cold would no longer be considered such a burden... we could sit around sneezing and selling power back to the grid!

Glad you're back posting.... just picked up your blog this time around... great ideas!



Orthonomics said...

I'd install that in my home if it would help us power up, lol. Someday, who knows.

Anonymous said...

Hey ! You are back ! Shalom Aleichem !
Looks like I missed a few posts. I have to admit that I removed your feed from my RSS reader last month and only came back Saturday, when a friend asked me about archiving old feeds.

Blog Bloke too was asking about you a couple of months back. I've let him know and I'm sure he'd be delighted as well.

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