Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Fantastic article about Challah

Ted at "Help! I have a fire in my kitchen" has turned a couple of recipes from this blog and others into a fantastic, informative, must-see article about Challah, called "The Magic and Mystery of Challah".

Not only did he pull together tidbits and recipes that was scattered in many sites into one comprehensive article, but he has added a lot of new information and filled in the gaps. He defines and explains things that were left out, due to Jewish or baking knowledge assumptions.

Ted's challah article draws you in like an infomercial**, making you want to jump up from your chair and act on that information. If you're not baking your own challah after reading "The Magic and Mystery of Challah", then you're just not paying attention.

Thank you, Ted!

** I mean this in a good way: It draws you in like the best copy-writing.

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Anonymous said...

W00-hoo! I am wanting to do some baking! Thanks for sharing!

Ted Gross said...

It is mostly your work in the recipes...but thank you!

Help! I Have A Fire In My Kitchen

Denise Levin said...

I want to start the challah right now, but the latkes are calling my name. Thanks for a very informative link-ive signed up to receive it.
Have a deLIGHTful Chanukah!

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